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Make Doxis-Viewers scrollable beyond dina4 for E-Mails

The Doxis Viewers (winCube & webCube HTML5) are always rendering E-Mails (tested with .msg) into A4-Format. As a result E-Mails that exceed A4 are not displayed correctly. Openend in the system viewer (Outlook) the window is resizable without ...
Benjamin Schaller 4 months ago in Functionality 0 Future consideration

Simplyfy the menus of WebCube

Simplify the large context menu of the WebCube and the top menu by placing rarely used functions only at the top to make the context menu smaller and clearer. it would also be helpful to make the context menu customisable by the user.
Hannes Meisenberger 3 months ago in Usability 1 Planned

Hourglass symbol when loading larger document sets

When loading large quantities of documents in a record (for example with the "All files of this record" action), the WebCube needs time to load the documents. Unfortunately, loading is not displayed so that the user does not know whether the syste...
Guest 7 months ago in Usability 2 Planned

Better MultiValueEdit Control

From our point of view, the current MultiValueEdit-Control (webCube and winCube) can be improved significantly when used in search dialoges. When multiple numbers are entered, it works fine, but in case only a single value is required for a specif...
Jörn Lamb 5 months ago in Usability 1 Future consideration

Formatted Links in clipboard

It should be possible to copy individual, formatted links into the clipboard with both winCube and webCube. See details in SERviceTicket#20240124990266.
Jörn Lamb 4 months ago in Functionality 0

State of the Art Transport System

If you deal with Staging systems like Development => QA => Production you need a Transport System as good as possible. All changes to the System should belong to a a Change-Package (Change, User-Task - whatever). This Information should be r...
Knut Pape about 2 years ago in Usability 1 Future consideration

Save customer-specific settings

Each customer sets individual standard settings for the different settings in cubeDesigner. The new idea would be for the customer to be able to save these settings for themselves so that the standard settings are used directly for new systems
Julia Averbeck 3 months ago in Functionality 2 In Review

ORGA Transmitter should read out nested groups from LDAP and make the members available as a flat group

As long as no nested groups are supported by the Doxis, the ORGA transmitter should at least have a function that groups and groups nested below them are read out of the LDAP and imported as a flat group with all members. In LDAPv3 there is an ...
Thomas Johannsen 12 months ago in Functionality 3 In Review

Fulltext highlighting for webCube Viewer (webbrowser)

When using a fulltext search in webCube along with the default viewer (webbrowser), the fulltext highlighting is not very user friendly (see screenshot attached). We would find it very helpfull if the webbrowser viewer could display the fulltext h...
Jörn Lamb about 2 months ago in Functionality 0

Improvements for HTML5 Viewer in webCube

Viewing PDFs in the HTML5-Viewer (rendered with ImagingService) has a couple of disadvantages compared to the default viewer (Webbrowser): It is not possible to copy / paste text or content from the PDF It is no longer possible to search the conte...
Jörn Lamb about 2 months ago in Functionality 0