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Different result lists for winCube/webCube/iRoom (e.g. in e-files)

It´s not possible to define multiple result lists for the e-file display in order to have different views. For example, I would like to define a different result list for the webCube than for the winCube. In the cubeDesigner it´s only possible to ...
Jan Stöwesand 6 months ago in Functionality 0 Future consideration

Easy possiblity to select all documents/hits

To selcect all documents/hints, it's at the moment necessary to mark the first hint, press "shift" and select the last item. In windows everybody works with "strg" + "a". We need an easy possiblity to mark all docments/hits without scrolling throu...
Guest over 1 year ago in Functionality 1 Planned

Directory Definitions - Sort function

At the moment, directory definitions are always sorted by name. Please add a function so that directory defintions can also be sorted manually.
Jörn Lamb over 1 year ago in Functionality 0 Future consideration

Implement an "Undo" feature

To be able to undo unwanted entries / changes on metadata, an "Undo" function like in MS-Office would be extremely helpful.
Andre Cartschau 11 months ago in Functionality 1 Planned

Add Stringmatrix-Filter-Property on Resultlist-Column-Definition

On Dialog-Controls like a Drop-Down, StringMatrix can be added ans filtert. On ResultList-Columns, StringMatrix can be added, too. But no Filter-Property is available. In effect, the wrong Key-Value Mapping could be shown in ResultList, if the Key...
Robin Fleischer 7 months ago in Functionality 2 In Review

Hold and Edit Data on Web-Based Forms

Every Company holds serveral Forms for providing Data for there Business Cases. Holding the Data as PDF Files isn't State of the art. Extrakting the data for reporting or further processing would be difficult. Putting all the Data of complex forms...
Robin Fleischer 7 months ago in Functionality 0

Delete archived mails in the Doxis Outlook plug-in after a defined period of time

Currently, the only valid options for deletion after archiving are either to delete nothing or to delete the mail immediately from Outlook. Both have weaknesses in practice: Our users have folders with assignments where automatic archiving is enab...
David Hoch 5 months ago in Functionality 0

alternative compact views for one resultlist

currenttly it is only possible to define one compact view for one resultlist. In my opion it could help to have the possiblility of more compact views. Different users want to see e.g. sum of different values or grouped in another way.
Dietmar Besser 7 months ago in Functionality 1 In Review

SSO for SOAP-Admin-Client

SOAP-Admin-Client should allow SSO just like winCube, webCube, mobileCube...
Benjamin Schaller over 1 year ago in Functionality 1 Will not implement

Integrated documentation function

It would be very helpful if there was a function in cubeDesinger to add notes / descriptions to the major DMS objects such as document classes, record classes, search dialogs etc. This way, we would be able to create and maintain the documentation...
Jörn Lamb over 1 year ago in Functionality 1 Future consideration