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DICEI: Support for Multi-Value-Descriptors

While importing Mails in E-Mail Importer we need to process mails which have hundreds of recipients. When DICEI writes the recipients in the descriptors, it creates a semicolon separated String with a maximum of 255 characters, otherwise an error ...
Glen Lehnert 14 days ago in Functionality 0

Subscription to single register

Es wäre sehr hilfreich, wenn Abonements auch auf einzelne Register anstelle auf eine komplette Akte gesetzt werden könnten. Ansonsten werden viele Benachrichtigungen ausgelöst, die teilweise überhaupt nicht relevant sind.
Guest about 1 month ago in Usability 3 Already exists

Favorites for Registers

It would be very helpful if favorites could also be set directly to a register in files. With sometimes very extensive file structures, it is very tedious to navigate to the relevant tab even with Favorites.
Guest about 1 month ago in Usability 1 Already exists

Translations for Public Directories

At the moment, public directory definitions are created in cubeDesigner, but they can only be used if they are also added manually in winCube. Not only is it quite confusing that this step in winCube is necessary, it also negates the option to pro...
Jörn Lamb about 2 months ago in Functionality 0

Refresh of webCube icon library

The webCube icon library should be somehow refreshed automatically. At the very least, it should be refreshed when the webCube-service is restarted.
Jörn Lamb 2 months ago in Functionality 0 Future consideration

Filter for Dictionary

When maintaining translations in the dictionary, it would be very helpful if there was a search / filter function for the left collumn (text), so you can find the desired term much more quickly. Our dictionary has 3700 entries, therefore it is qui...
Jörn Lamb 2 months ago in Functionality 1 Future consideration

Additional Functions for public directories

Queries defined in public directorys should be able to be: dragged into favorites dragged into autostart opened in a new tab with the green arrow similar to search-dialoges or document classes (currently if ou want to open a query defined in a pub...
Benjamin Schaller 2 months ago in Functionality 0

Display Usage of Objects in cube-Designer

it should be possible to display the usage in customizing of all objects in cube-designer, like it is possible with the descriptors. Two main use-cases that we are missing are: in which objects (e.g. controls) is my global value list referenced? i...
Benjamin Schaller 2 months ago in Functionality 0

Configure multiple Datases as „Database for primary parent objects“

The function of "Primary parent objects > Pass down descriptor values" is very nice, but also very limited since only one Database can be configured as a "Databse for primary parent objects". Meaning if i have two different document/record cla...
Benjamin Schaller 2 months ago in Functionality 0

Copy Paste from Clipboard directly into Filing Environment

In an Filing environment you currently have 3 options for adding documents: Import Drag&Drop Scan It would be very helpful to also copy paste content-objects into the filing environment.
Benjamin Schaller 2 months ago in Functionality 0