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WebCube | Marking active filter

Current situation: Default setting for users don't show the filter icon in the menu bar. Therefore it is almost impossible to see an active filter as an End User. If an explicit period is set, this is even more difficult to recognise, as you can o...
Korbinian Hasler 1 day ago in Usability 0

Enhancing Doxis with a ‘Create Tables’ feature and an ‘Add Row’ button

Doxis currently lacks the ability to create tables while designing document class dialogues. Often, end users need to add metadata in a consistent format, but the data varies, similar to an Excel sheet. This situation often leads to the creation o...
Abanoub Ibrahim 14 days ago in Functionality 0

Category Tree Control Optimisation

1) It would be an advantage to be able to search in the category tree like in other areas, for example the result list. For clients with many organizational units this contributes to the overview and increases the usability. (Mockup) 2) Additional...
Joachim Jäger 14 days ago in Functionality 0

Alias Name for Descriptornames in History

We use the possibility to log the change value of descriptors. The log entry in the history shows the technical search literal of the descriptor. This name is often not easy to read for the users. It would be great to define an alias name for this...
Dietmar Besser 13 days ago in Usability 0

Additional shortcut for copying pages in the organisation window

In the organisation window, you can use CTRL+M to move a page to a new document. This is very helpful for editing very large documents (up to 600 pages), as the focus jumps to the next page in the large document and you can continue working at the...
Joachim Jäger about 1 month ago in Functionality 0 Planned

Document class specific stamps

Users receive different stamps from different authorization groups. This results that users have a different selection of available stamps in individual winCube applications, which often causes confusion and chaos, especially with regard to collab...
David Hoch 22 days ago in Functionality 0

Default-Values for HTML5-Viewer in webCube

It is not possible to set Default-Values for basic settings of the HTML5-Viewer in webCube (see Examples: Fulltext-Highlights Display first match on opening (default is "unchecked", even thoug...
Benjamin Schaller 3 months ago in Functionality 0

maintenance mode allows technical users and admins to login

It would be nice to have a maintenance mode where it is possible for technical users and admins to log in, but not for normal users. When we're doing an update we often have the problem, that users try to login and work again although we havn't fi...
Marina Boeckenholt 3 months ago in Functionality 3

Save user specific Dialogue Values

We have implemented a function where the values of checkboxes, edits etc. entered in a dialogue can be saved by the user, so the next time a dialogue is openend these values are still filled. This is used in search and archiving dialogues, kind of...
Benjamin Schaller 4 months ago in Functionality 0 Future consideration

New Annotation: Signature

We are receiving high demand of users to add their signature as a picture on documents. This could be used for internal approval or document based signature processes. Currently this is solved by our custom development which is using a stamp with ...
Benjamin Schaller 4 months ago in Functionality 3 Planned