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Comprehensive export function

In some cases the functionality is needed to export a set of documents to share it with external parties. iRoom or similar tools are not an option for such cases due to technical and compliance restrictions. As far as we know the capability of def...
Stefan Jacob about 1 month ago in Functionality 0

Quick start guide for Clients

Quick access to the most important functions
Björn Helmholz 8 months ago in Functionality 2

Improve FIPS-Error-Messages

The File Import Service is a very powerful tool for bulk-document-imports. Unfortunately error-messages are often unclear and/or misleading. Examples: Typo in observed directory path leeds to "file <somefile_included_in_importjob> could not ...
Michael Bernhardt 6 months ago in Usability 0

Authorizations with * possible or similar

To have admin authoriaztions there are only 2 possibilities: Add the authorizations for every object manually to the customer specific admins role/group. This is a high manual effort. Use the default 'admins'-role, but this is not 100% comprehensi...
Marius Wieser 3 months ago in Usability 0

Use a different keystore format to store the keys for the memory areas

A different keystore format must be used instead of the currently used keystore format JCEKS for storing the keys for the memory areas. JCEKS uses triple-DES and this is not considered safe by BSI due to the block width of 64 bits.
Thomas Laube 2 months ago in Security & Compliance 0

Doxis iRoom as SaaS offering

iRoom as a SaaS solution, any Doxis system/user can transmit documents to it for sharing. A customer of Doxis has to book the usage of iRoom for his company. All authorized users can work with it. Documents are uploaded and stored in a secure stor...
marc volquardsen 7 months ago in Functionality 0

Edit window for annotation should be modal

When editing a text annotation the edit window is modal. So there is no possibilty to open another wincube window for lookup. Edit window shouldn't be modal.
René Höft 3 months ago in Functionality 0

Allow to tag documents, files & tasks

Many modern apps allow to tag objects and to filter the objects just clicking on such tags. This would be a big step forward for Doxis if such a feature was offered for documents, workspaces (efiles) and tasks. Tags should be user definable and sh...
marc volquardsen 4 months ago in Usability 0