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Status Future consideration
Categories Usability
Created by Knut Pape
Created on Jun 8, 2022

State of the Art Transport System

If you deal with Staging systems like Development => QA => Production you need a Transport System as good as possible.

All changes to the System should belong to a a Change-Package (Change, User-Task - whatever).

This Information should be recorded when Changes are made / committed.

  • Change-Packages have title and a description

  • A Change-Package covers everything: Creating a new Database, new Document / Search Class, Scriptings, Roles / Groups, Rights, technical Users, Fips Jobs ... whatever is changed in the System and belongs to the Change Package.

  • Change-Packages are versioned

  • Change-Packages can be exported

  • Changes can be imported to a system

  • There is a Change History for each CSB (Is this change already applied to the system? Witch Version?)

  • Changes-Packages can include Scripts which are executed before and/or after a change is applied to a system.

The current Transport System is not really a good fit for this purpose - its more like a poor man's tool which somehow does the job more or less .

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  • Marius Wieser
    Jul 21, 2022

    As Part of this, I also see:

    • Changes on to-be-transported objects need to be allocated to a change-package before starting and get locked for other changes.

    • Disable changes on to-be-transported objects in productive systems (not only via authorizations)

    • Objects need an information that says if it has to be transported or not

    • All Objects need to be versioned and compareable

    For all this, have a look at SAP.