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Modernizing the frontend and backend winCube and webCube

I see winCube and webCube is running in technology like VBScrript, now a days we have even better technology like .Net Core or Angular which will give Developers flexibility, customer a good usuability perspective and scalability as well
Raghu Navaneetha 2 months ago in Functionality 0

Power Automate Connector

With Power Automate it is possible to create cross plattform flows. As many users work daily with Microsoft tools a connector could easily bridge the gap between "heavy weight" content management and "leight weight" office work. Today we must buil...
Stefan Reichling 5 months ago in Functionality 1 Planned

Edit window for annotation should be modal

When editing a text annotation the edit window is modal. So there is no possibilty to open another wincube window for lookup. Edit window shouldn't be modal.
René Höft 27 days ago in Functionality 0

Quick start guide for Clients

Quick access to the most important functions
Björn Helmholz 7 months ago in Functionality 2

Doxis iRoom as SaaS offering

iRoom as a SaaS solution, any Doxis system/user can transmit documents to it for sharing. A customer of Doxis has to book the usage of iRoom for his company. All authorized users can work with it. Documents are uploaded and stored in a secure stor...
marc volquardsen 5 months ago in Functionality 0