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Dokumentenklasse als primär übergeordnetes Objekt / Document as primary object

Wir haben den use case, dass auf einem Informationsobjekt (Dokument) ein Vorgang erstellt wird. Die Deskriptoren sollen auf den Vorgang vererbt werden können, damit diese z.B. in der Trefferliste für die Vorgangsanzeige oder der Postkorbanzeige an...
Michael about 2 months ago in Functionality 1 Will not implement

Define Custom Icons for Search Dialogues in Recycle Bin

If a custom Icon is used, the icon for the "normal" search-dialogue and for the search dialogue in the recycle bin is the same. This is very confusing. Without a custom icon both icons are different. It would be very helpful if two icons can be de...
Benjamin Schaller 10 months ago in Functionality 2 Will not implement

Take away the right to "favourites"

Disability of the favorites menu completely, because if several colleagues use the same user in doxis, they should not mix up their registry settings. If you have some user accounts that are used by multiple users. If someone creates a favorite, a...
Viktória Németh 4 months ago in Functionality 2 Will not implement

SSO for SOAP-Admin-Client

SOAP-Admin-Client should allow SSO just like winCube, webCube, mobileCube...
Benjamin Schaller about 1 year ago in Functionality 1 Will not implement

Add the right for changing descriptors not overall, but per hitlist

Currently i can give the Right to change descriptors only in general; yes or no. So users with it can use it on all hitlists, or none. Especially in bigger organisations when you give that right to someone who is a key user for A, he is able to us...
Andreas Obermaier about 2 months ago in Security & Compliance 1 Will not implement

Authorize favorites separately for iRoom and webCube

Currently, favorites can only be set globally for all users. Please add the option to enable/disable it separately for iRoom and webCube users.
Jan Stöwesand 2 months ago in Functionality 1 Will not implement

Custom Fonts in WebCube-Controls

The actual font in WebCube is not suitable to differentiate letters like lower L (l), higher i (I) or pipe (l, I,|). In case of automated recognized text by the DCES or Abbyy, it would be useful to use (in selected controls) a terminal-font or som...
Gerrit Ohm 5 months ago in Usability 1 Will not implement

Assign Roles and Rights with time restrictions

Often we get request zu assign a group or role for a limited time for example if an aprentice is working in a departtmen vom 1.1.2022 - 31.3.2022 the accesss rights should be effective in this time range. It would be helpful if wee could assigne t...
Knut Pape over 1 year ago in Security & Compliance 2 Will not implement

The sorting order in the drop-down lists should be configurable

*** English version * A descriptor "claim number" / "booking number" (each of type: integer (8 bytes)) is sorted in ascending order by default. Of course, it is in the nature of things that both values are generated in ascending order in source sy...
Andre Cartschau 8 months ago in Usability 2 Will not implement

Selection lists in multi language applications - define the order of appearance in a selection list

If you have a multi language application and an lot of selection lists the entries appear always according to the way they are entered in the main language. But if you have lists where the most important entry shall be the first , the second impor...
Dorothea Schwarz 5 months ago in Functionality 1 Will not implement