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Status Will not implement
Categories Functionality
Created by Benjamin Schaller
Created on Feb 16, 2023

Define Custom Icons for Search Dialogues in Recycle Bin

If a custom Icon is used, the icon for the "normal" search-dialogue and for the search dialogue in the recycle bin is the same. This is very confusing. Without a custom icon both icons are different.

It would be very helpful if two icons can be defined for search-dialogues - one for the "normal" one and one for the recycle bin.

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  • Benjamin Schaller
    Apr 11, 2023

    Hi Marc,

    understand your point, but in my opinion creating a second search dialogues only for having a different icons has the big downside that i have to administrate two search dialogues from that point on and any change needs to be done in both. I would rather like to have one dialogue and the option to configure two icons (like it is now if i do not use a custom icon --> 1 dialogue, 2 different icons).

  • Admin
    marc volquardsen
    Apr 5, 2023

    This can be easily achieved, in standard. You can define two search classes, one for the standard search, one for deleted documents. Assign both search classes different icons.

    This is how you limit the use of a search class: