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Show/Hide Ribbonbar-Buttons via Customizing

There are several Ribbonbar-Buttons that can only be shown/hidden globally via the rights in App - Menu , e.g. "Subscribe", "Export" etc. It should be possible to individually choose wich elements should be shown in the ribbonbar of each search di...
Benjamin Schaller 5 months ago in Functionality 2 In Review

maintenance mode allows technical users and admins to login

It would be nice to have a maintenance mode where it is possible for technical users and admins to log in, but not for normal users. When we're doing an update we often have the problem, that users try to login and work again although we havn't fi...
Marina Boeckenholt 3 months ago in Functionality 3

Doxis safeLock: Requesting Nutanix AHV support

As one of the top HCI providers (e.g. please take a look at Gartner's Magic Quadrant), we need official support for the hypervisor AHV from Nutanix for the Doxis safeLock. Please support this hypervisor in the future. Maybe it is already on your r...
Guest 13 days ago in Functionality 0

Document class specific stamps

Users receive different stamps from different authorization groups. This results that users have a different selection of available stamps in individual winCube applications, which often causes confusion and chaos, especially with regard to collab...
David Hoch about 1 month ago in Functionality 0

Make SER developed JARs available using Maven

Currently when developing own Java software projects in the context of webCube/mobileCube/Agents it is not possible to add the necessary SER developed dependencies using common technologies like Maven or Gradle. To align develpopment in Doxis to c...
Nils Vincent 5 months ago in Others 1

Improve Usability of winCube Offline Functionality

Preparing and Using winCube offline is not intuitive and comes with a lot of manual preparation work. The following suggestions would improve the usability a lot: Prepare offline usage when favorites are updated, not as a separate action: Currentl...
Benjamin Schaller 4 months ago in Functionality 0 Future consideration

tile template or copy tile (Kachel)

It would be great if there were a possibility to copy a tile or to set a tile template. We create tiles with several actions for all application. For that we choose the colours of our corporate design. It is quite annoying to choose the colours fo...
Marina Boeckenholt 5 months ago in Usability 0 Planned

Alias Name for Descriptornames in History

We use the possibility to log the change value of descriptors. The log entry in the history shows the technical search literal of the descriptor. This name is often not easy to read for the users. It would be great to define an alias name for this...
Dietmar Besser 30 days ago in Usability 0

Make Subscription-Events configurable per DocumentClass

We are using Instance-Subsciptions a lot, but in standard they are barely usable. When creating a new Instance-Subscription all events are ticked by default, but rarely all of them are needed (most of the time we only need 1-2). Also the names of ...
Benjamin Schaller 4 months ago in Functionality 2 In Review

All Changes - especially scripting - should be under Version Control

In 2020 git is everywhere and we are used to it. There is no excuse to develop software without Version Control. Current state: In SER winCube customizings in winCube rely heavily on VBA Script. As Admin you debug the scriptings and change them on...
Knut Pape about 2 years ago in Usability 9 Future consideration