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Assign Roles and Rights with time restrictions

Often we get request zu assign a group or role for a limited time for example if an aprentice is working in a departtmen vom 1.1.2022 - 31.3.2022 the accesss rights should be effective in this time range. It would be helpful if wee could assigne t...
Knut Pape almost 2 years ago in Security & Compliance 2 Will not implement

Better Management of Roles, Grupes and Rights

It would be helpful if we could name responsible Persons for Roles, Groups, Databases. In our Organisation this would make it easy to find out who is the Data-Owner- the one who is responsible for the data and who is in charge to accept or reject ...
Knut Pape almost 2 years ago in Security & Compliance 2 Future consideration

Improve FIPS-Error-Messages

The File Import Service is a very powerful tool for bulk-document-imports. Unfortunately error-messages are often unclear and/or misleading. Examples: Typo in observed directory path leeds to "file <somefile_included_in_importjob> could not ...
Michael Bernhardt almost 2 years ago in Usability 0 Future consideration

BPMN - Anzeige von Aufgabe ohne Prozessdiagramm

Der Kunde möchte in Zukunft die Aufgaben im webCube ohne Prozessdiagramm anzeigen können.
Adam Szollosi 11 months ago in Usability 1 Already exists

Set default appearances for a MultivalueSelectionBox

Hello!The possibility to define the appearance of a MultivalueSelectionBox; e.g. the size and if it's centered when opened (in webCube) would be a nice feature.
Philipp Schlechter 7 months ago in Functionality 1 Future consideration

winCube - Abhängigkeiten: für ein abhängiges Element mehrere Regeln

Es wäre nützlich, in Zukunft, dass man mehrere Regeln oder Abhängigkeiten für einen Steuerelement ohne Skripting definieren könnten. Derzeit werden mehrere Abhängigkeiten immer UND- und nie ODER-verknüpft und können nicht ohne Skripting implementi...
Adam Szollosi 11 months ago in Functionality 0 Planned

Additional Functions for public directories

Queries defined in public directorys should be able to be: dragged into favorites dragged into autostart opened in a new tab with the green arrow similar to search-dialoges or document classes (currently if ou want to open a query defined in a pub...
Benjamin Schaller over 1 year ago in Functionality 1 Future consideration

CubeDesigner: make ResultList2 DataMode configurable

At the moment, this script is requiered for a result list (Trefferliste) to activate the task view of a process: Private Sub ResultList2_OnInit() ResultList2.DataMode = resultList2DataMode_TreeMode End Sub It would be nice, if the DataMode Tree...
Michael over 1 year ago in Functionality 0 Planned

Dokumentenklasse als primär übergeordnetes Objekt / Document as primary object

Wir haben den use case, dass auf einem Informationsobjekt (Dokument) ein Vorgang erstellt wird. Die Deskriptoren sollen auf den Vorgang vererbt werden können, damit diese z.B. in der Trefferliste für die Vorgangsanzeige oder der Postkorbanzeige an...
Michael 8 months ago in Functionality 1 Will not implement

Doxis iRoom as SaaS offering

iRoom as a SaaS solution, any Doxis system/user can transmit documents to it for sharing. A customer of Doxis has to book the usage of iRoom for his company. All authorized users can work with it. Documents are uploaded and stored in a secure stor...
marc volquardsen about 2 years ago in Functionality 1 Future consideration