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Configuring databases within cubedesigner

Anyone ever wondered why to switch to SOAP admin client to setup a 'database'. This makes me crazy everytime. Of cause the decision to setup an additional database is important but why does is need to be so complicated.
Ralf Everding about 1 year ago in Usability 1 Will not implement

Globale Werteliste als Vorschlagswerte

Vorschlagswerte sind eine gute Möglichkeit zur Vereinheitlichung der Indizierung von Informationsobjekten. Über die Verknüpfung mit einer Werteliste wurden den Anwendern immer feste Vorschlagswerte zur Verfügung gestellt. Die Initialisierung de...
Thorsten Kinze about 1 year ago in Functionality 0 Future consideration

SAP Fiori App for Approved Invoices

It would be helpful to have a Fiori app or a additional tab, where recently approved invoices can be viewed. Currently the approved invoices are no longer displayed. The review period should be selectable by user settings.
Roland Gruijthuijsen about 1 year ago in Usability 0 Planned

Fallback Tax Rate per Company Code

If DCES does not find a tax rate, 0% is assumed or nothing is passed. 0% is wrong in most cases, however. In this case, it should be possible to define a default tax rate per company code, which then applies. Background is that typically in a comp...
Marius Wieser over 1 year ago in Functionality 0 In Review

Use a different keystore format to store the keys for the memory areas

A different keystore format must be used instead of the currently used keystore format JCEKS for storing the keys for the memory areas. JCEKS uses triple-DES and this is not considered safe by BSI due to the block width of 64 bits.
Thomas Laube over 1 year ago in Security & Compliance 0 In Review