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Selection lists in multi language applications - define the order of appearance in a selection list

If you have a multi language application and an lot of selection lists the entries appear always according to the way they are entered in the main language. But if you have lists where the most important entry shall be the first , the second impor...
Dorothea Schwarz 11 months ago in Functionality 1 Will not implement

Translations for Public Directories

At the moment, public directory definitions are created in cubeDesigner, but they can only be used if they are also added manually in winCube. Not only is it quite confusing that this step in winCube is necessary, it also negates the option to pro...
Jörn Lamb over 1 year ago in Functionality 1 In Review

Documents specific order of multi value fields in the search result

We offer our user to add "tags" to a document. "tags" is a multi value field, user can select existing values or add new values. If we add this "tags" field to a search result table, only one tag will be displayed in accordance to following option...
Thoralf Bojak 7 months ago in Usability 1 Will not implement

Possibility to deactivate the workbasket forwarding functionality (winCube + webCube)

The ‘Forward’ functionality for workbasket is automatically available in winCube and webCube via context menu. We learned that this functionality cannot be addressed via scripting (because no event exists for this) and it cannot be deactivated eit...
Thoralf Bojak 7 months ago in Usability 1 Already exists

Export of workflow diagrams

In case of customer audits, completed or ongoing workflow might be audited. It is possible to export the task list of a workflow, but we want to export the workflow diagrams as well. If multiplediagrams are sued in one workflow, diagrams hsould be...
Thoralf Bojak 7 months ago in Functionality 2 In Review

Rendition server should be more resilient

Whenever additional descriptors are added to a document class that is used by the rendition-server, the rendition server has to be restarted even though that descriptor has nothing to do with the rendition configuration. This is very counter intui...
Jörn Lamb about 1 year ago in Functionality 2 Planned

Allow to tag documents, files & tasks

Many modern apps allow to tag objects and to filter the objects just clicking on such tags. This would be a big step forward for Doxis if such a feature was offered for documents, workspaces (efiles) and tasks. Tags should be user definable and sh...
marc volquardsen almost 2 years ago in Usability 0 Future consideration

Revision of the "document organisation window"

If you need to organize a document into multiple documents, the document organizer window is not suitable. Even if you place the organization window on the right side, the document view becomes smaller and less usable. A revision of the document ...
Thorsten Kinze 8 months ago in Usability 2 In Review

Automatically checkout when organising documents

Our users need to organize a lot of documents. It would be desirable to have an option that allows documents to be checked out automatically when the document is to be organized.The option should be selectable in the general settings.
Thorsten Kinze 8 months ago in Usability 0 In Review

Preview posibility and PDF Conversion through the rendition server for documents in heic format

Wir bekommen immer mehr Dokumente im Heic Format von unseren Kunden, die wir Stand heute in Doxis weder über die Preview unseren Sachbearbeitern anzeigen lassen können, noch über den Renditionserver in ein Langzeitformat (PDF) umwandeln lassen kön...
Guest over 1 year ago in Functionality 1 In Review