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Created by Raghu Navaneetha
Created on Aug 2, 2022

Modernizing the frontend and backend winCube and webCube

I see winCube and webCube is running in technology like VBScrript, now a days we have even better technology like .Net Core or Angular which will give Developers flexibility, customer a good usuability perspective and scalability as well

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    Ingo GERKEN
    Nov 30, 2022

    winCube is a native Windows application based on VC++ and .Net technology. It offers VB (or VB.Net) just for scripting extensions (similar to Microsoft Office Windows clients). We will probably not change this as long as a native Windows client is required.

    webCube as a web application already uses modern JavaScript libraries and client frameworks, although it is still based on GWT. Within the next releases, we will improve webCube UX/UI with a strong focus on modern web components and the Vue.js framework. Inside GWT will be replaced accordingly.