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Integrated documentation function

It would be very helpful if there was a function in cubeDesinger to add notes / descriptions to the major DMS objects such as document classes, record classes, search dialogs etc. This way, we would be able to create and maintain the documentation...
Jörn Lamb 10 months ago in Functionality 1

Business Central 365 connector

It would be amazing to have a connector/API for Business Central 365 to Doxis similar to the one for 365 F&O.
Guest 4 months ago in Functionality 1 Future consideration

Selection lists in multi language applications - define the order of appearance in a selection list

If you have a multi language application and an lot of selection lists the entries appear always according to the way they are entered in the main language. But if you have lists where the most important entry shall be the first , the second impor...
Dorothea Schwarz 3 months ago in Functionality 1 Will not implement

CubeDesigner: make ResultList2 DataMode configurable

At the moment, this script is requiered for a result list (Trefferliste) to activate the task view of a process: Private Sub ResultList2_OnInit() ResultList2.DataMode = resultList2DataMode_TreeMode End Sub It would be nice, if the DataMode Tree...
Michael 7 months ago in Functionality 0

Additional Functions for public directories

Queries defined in public directorys should be able to be: dragged into favorites dragged into autostart opened in a new tab with the green arrow similar to search-dialoges or document classes (currently if ou want to open a query defined in a pub...
Benjamin Schaller 10 months ago in Functionality 0

Quick start guide for Clients

Quick access to the most important functions
Björn Helmholz over 1 year ago in Functionality 2 Future consideration

Reihenfolge von Registern im webCube ändern

Der Kunde möchte die Reihenfolge der Register in der Akte auch in WebCube ändern können, genau wie in winCube mit den Tasten "Nach oben" und "Nach unten".
Adam Szollosi 2 months ago in Functionality 1 Already exists

Filter for Dictionary

When maintaining translations in the dictionary, it would be very helpful if there was a search / filter function for the left collumn (text), so you can find the desired term much more quickly. Our dictionary has 3700 entries, therefore it is qui...
Jörn Lamb 10 months ago in Functionality 1 Future consideration

sort the entries in lists - cube designer

in cube designer you deal with a lot of lists. some of them can not be sorted alphabetically to determine if a descriptor is already entered when creating the lists. Example. You cannot sort the results of the return list from a search via magnifi...
Dorothea Schwarz 3 months ago in Functionality 0 Planned

Translations for Public Directories

At the moment, public directory definitions are created in cubeDesigner, but they can only be used if they are also added manually in winCube. Not only is it quite confusing that this step in winCube is necessary, it also negates the option to pro...
Jörn Lamb 10 months ago in Functionality 0