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Status Future consideration
Categories Functionality
Created by Benjamin Schaller
Created on Feb 15, 2024

Save user specific Dialogue Values

We have implemented a function where the values of checkboxes, edits etc. entered in a dialogue can be saved by the user, so the next time a dialogue is openend these values are still filled. This is used in search and archiving dialogues, kind of like the function the standard-provides for saving the search restrictions or the layout.

Possible Scenarios:

  • There is a checkbox in a search-dialogue that specifies some search-functionality. The dialogue is used by users that have this checkbox checked 100% times and others that have it unchecked 100% of the time. We can only define one standard, so one group of the users will be unhappy.

  • Users are using a archiving dialogue where 10 document types can be archived, but they are archiving only 1 of these 10 document types 99% of the times. Still they need to select the document type in the dropdown everytime they open the dialogue. Setting it as a standard in the application is not an option since there are other usergroups that are using the same application, but archiving different document-types.

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