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Schneller User Export aus dem cubeDesigner

Der Kunde möchte die User einer Gruppe und einer Rolle für eine Prüfung zu exportieren. Sprich wer ist in Gruppe X, wer ist in Rolle Y. Der Kunde kennt das Berichtswesen im CSB. Allerdings führt er bisher nur Komplettexports durch und muss dann im...
Guest 2 months ago in Usability 0 In Review

Save customer-specific settings

Each customer sets individual standard settings for the different settings in cubeDesigner. The new idea would be for the customer to be able to save these settings for themselves so that the standard settings are used directly for new systems
Julia Averbeck 3 months ago in Functionality 2 In Review

Make Subscription-Events configurable per DocumentClass

We are using Instance-Subsciptions a lot, but in standard they are barely usable. When creating a new Instance-Subscription all events are ticked by default, but rarely all of them are needed (most of the time we only need 1-2). Also the names of ...
Benjamin Schaller 4 months ago in Functionality 2 In Review

Documentation for Fast starters

It would be really helpful to get a documentation for the fast starters to read on how the permissions of the different groups are set. In the current situation you need to "reverse engineer" the permissions and functionality.
Guest 4 months ago in Usability 3 In Review

Show/Hide Ribbonbar-Buttons via Customizing

There are several Ribbonbar-Buttons that can only be shown/hidden globally via the rights in App - Menu , e.g. "Subscribe", "Export" etc. It should be possible to individually choose wich elements should be shown in the ribbonbar of each search di...
Benjamin Schaller 4 months ago in Functionality 2 In Review

Export of workflow diagrams

In case of customer audits, completed or ongoing workflow might be audited. It is possible to export the task list of a workflow, but we want to export the workflow diagrams as well. If multiplediagrams are sued in one workflow, diagrams hsould be...
Thoralf Bojak 7 months ago in Functionality 2 In Review

Revision of the "document organisation window"

If you need to organize a document into multiple documents, the document organizer window is not suitable. Even if you place the organization window on the right side, the document view becomes smaller and less usable. A revision of the document ...
Thorsten Kinze 8 months ago in Usability 2 In Review

Automatically checkout when organising documents

Our users need to organize a lot of documents. It would be desirable to have an option that allows documents to be checked out automatically when the document is to be organized.The option should be selectable in the general settings.
Thorsten Kinze 8 months ago in Usability 0 In Review

Add Stringmatrix-Filter-Property on Resultlist-Column-Definition

On Dialog-Controls like a Drop-Down, StringMatrix can be added ans filtert. On ResultList-Columns, StringMatrix can be added, too. But no Filter-Property is available. In effect, the wrong Key-Value Mapping could be shown in ResultList, if the Key...
Robin Fleischer 8 months ago in Functionality 2 In Review

Use descriptor assignments by placing emails/files on an e-file

By dropping emails/files on an e-file does not apply descriptor assignments. They only work in filing environments. Of course, due to scriptings it´s easy to achieve, but it would be nice if it is possible to configure it in cubeDesigner.
Jan Stöwesand 9 months ago in Usability 1 In Review