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Configuration via administration console - "Behavior when saving a new document"

It´s possible due to the webCube admin console to set a behavior when saving a new e-file - please also add this for new documents, e.g. "Behavior when saving a new document" -> Close document filing function. Currently this is only possible vi...
Jan Stöwesand 3 months ago in Usability 1 Will not implement

Make webCube server name visible for load balanced enviroment

In a load balancer environment, where several webCube servers are hidden behind a DNS alias, the user does not know which webCube server he is currently using. For troubleshooting, it would be helpful if the user could name the server name when o...
Thomas Johannsen 3 months ago in Usability 2 Will not implement

Documents specific order of multi value fields in the search result

We offer our user to add "tags" to a document. "tags" is a multi value field, user can select existing values or add new values. If we add this "tags" field to a search result table, only one tag will be displayed in accordance to following option...
Thoralf Bojak 7 months ago in Usability 1 Will not implement

Custom Fonts in WebCube-Controls

The actual font in WebCube is not suitable to differentiate letters like lower L (l), higher i (I) or pipe (l, I,|). In case of automated recognized text by the DCES or Abbyy, it would be useful to use (in selected controls) a terminal-font or som...
Gerrit Ohm 12 months ago in Usability 1 Will not implement

The sorting order in the drop-down lists should be configurable

*** English version * A descriptor "claim number" / "booking number" (each of type: integer (8 bytes)) is sorted in ascending order by default. Of course, it is in the nature of things that both values are generated in ascending order in source sy...
Andre Cartschau about 1 year ago in Usability 2 Will not implement

Configuring databases within cubedesigner

Anyone ever wondered why to switch to SOAP admin client to setup a 'database'. This makes me crazy everytime. Of cause the decision to setup an additional database is important but why does is need to be so complicated.
Ralf Everding about 1 year ago in Usability 1 Will not implement

Moving away from VB6 and Core Java for front end programming to Angular, React JS

Please allow usage of Angular and ReactJS. For client side programming.The world is moving away from vb6 or server side programming for better performance ,reusability and User friendliness.
Guest almost 2 years ago in Usability 1 Will not implement