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Status Will not implement
Categories Usability
Created by Thoralf Bojak
Created on Nov 9, 2023

Documents specific order of multi value fields in the search result

We offer our user to add "tags" to a document. "tags" is a multi value field, user can select existing values or add new values.

If we add this "tags" field to a search result table, only one tag will be displayed in accordance to following options:

  • Hit at top (= value of the field that matches the search term is displayed at the top of the table row)

  • Ascending

  • Descending

  • Ascending, hit at top

  • Descending, hit at top

We require additonal option: If a user adds tags to a document, he should be able to select on tag as the "main" tag with highest priority - only for this document. Example: added tags are "A", "B", "C", "M" and "M" as main tag. This tag should be then displayed in the search result column for this document.

Other documents could have other main (or no main) tags. Example: "D", "E" and also "M". But fo this document, the user defines "E" as the main tag. Result list will then show "E" as main tag for this document.



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This feature is required for win- and webCube

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  • Admin
    Douglas Cardoso
    Apr 16, 2024

    Hi all,

    the requirement is understood, but the effort is extremely high for the value it brings.