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WebCube | Marking active filter

Current situation: Default setting for users don't show the filter icon in the menu bar. Therefore it is almost impossible to see an active filter as an End User. If an explicit period is set, this is even more difficult to recognise, as you can o...
Korbinian Hasler 1 day ago in Usability 0

Alias Name for Descriptornames in History

We use the possibility to log the change value of descriptors. The log entry in the history shows the technical search literal of the descriptor. This name is often not easy to read for the users. It would be great to define an alias name for this...
Dietmar Besser 13 days ago in Usability 0

sortierte Darstellung in MultiValueEdit-Feldern in Verbindung mit Deskriptroren vom Mehrfachtyp "Menge"

wir verwenden in Masken MultiValueEdit Felder in Verbindung mit "Mengen" Deskriptoren. Der enthaltenen Werte dieses Deskriptors werden im Laufe der Zeit immer weiter ergänzt. Wir würden uns wünschen, dass diese Einträge in sortierter Reihenfolge a...
Dietmar Besser about 2 months ago in Usability 0

Configuration via administration console - "Behavior when saving a new document"

It´s possible due to the webCube admin console to set a behavior when saving a new e-file - please also add this for new documents, e.g. "Behavior when saving a new document" -> Close document filing function. Currently this is only possible vi...
Jan Stöwesand 2 months ago in Usability 1 Will not implement

Schneller User Export aus dem cubeDesigner

Der Kunde möchte die User einer Gruppe und einer Rolle für eine Prüfung zu exportieren. Sprich wer ist in Gruppe X, wer ist in Rolle Y. Der Kunde kennt das Berichtswesen im CSB. Allerdings führt er bisher nur Komplettexports durch und muss dann im...
Guest 2 months ago in Usability 0 In Review

Simplyfy the menus of WebCube

Simplify the large context menu of the WebCube and the top menu by placing rarely used functions only at the top to make the context menu smaller and clearer. it would also be helpful to make the context menu customisable by the user.
Hannes Meisenberger 3 months ago in Usability 1 Planned

Make webCube server name visible for load balanced enviroment

In a load balancer environment, where several webCube servers are hidden behind a DNS alias, the user does not know which webCube server he is currently using. For troubleshooting, it would be helpful if the user could name the server name when o...
Thomas Johannsen 3 months ago in Usability 2 Will not implement

Documentation for Fast starters

It would be really helpful to get a documentation for the fast starters to read on how the permissions of the different groups are set. In the current situation you need to "reverse engineer" the permissions and functionality.
Guest 4 months ago in Usability 3 In Review

Doxis iRoom custom validity of shared links

It is not possible to set a custom time period when sharing an item/link. It can only be set globally (see screenshot). Please give us the option to decide for each object how long we want to share it.
Jan Stöwesand 4 months ago in Usability 0

Better MultiValueEdit Control

From our point of view, the current MultiValueEdit-Control (webCube and winCube) can be improved significantly when used in search dialoges. When multiple numbers are entered, it works fine, but in case only a single value is required for a specif...
Jörn Lamb 4 months ago in Usability 1 Future consideration