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ORGA Transmitter should read out nested groups from LDAP and make the members available as a flat group

As long as no nested groups are supported by the Doxis, the ORGA transmitter should at least have a function that groups and groups nested below them are read out of the LDAP and imported as a flat group with all members. In LDAPv3 there is an ...
Thomas Johannsen 3 months ago in Functionality 3 In Review

sort the entries in lists - cube designer

in cube designer you deal with a lot of lists. some of them can not be sorted alphabetically to determine if a descriptor is already entered when creating the lists. Example. You cannot sort the results of the return list from a search via magnifi...
Dorothea Schwarz 3 months ago in Functionality 0 Planned

Selection lists in multi language applications - define the order of appearance in a selection list

If you have a multi language application and an lot of selection lists the entries appear always according to the way they are entered in the main language. But if you have lists where the most important entry shall be the first , the second impor...
Dorothea Schwarz 3 months ago in Functionality 1 Will not implement

"Ctrl"+"F" - Search functionality also find multiple values

With Doxis webCube it is possible to start a search in result list/record document list with pressing "Ctrl" + "F". The search functionality finds all displayed values. However, when using multiple values (V0099=T700 & V099=T700=AP001), only t...
Guest 3 months ago in Functionality 0

Descriptor change in result list via Workbasket

If in cubeDesigner in a result list for a descriptor the descriptor change is activated and this result list is stored in the workbasket display. The function is just like in result lists for process, records and documents, I could change the desc...
Viktória Németh 3 months ago in Functionality 0

Provide more details and adjustments for Annotations

We would like to use the Annotations functionality way more and therefore we would need- adjust line thickness and formating like Bold etc.- create Circles - create rectangles
Christian Helmes 4 months ago in Functionality 1 Future consideration

Add drag & drop to dynamic folders in webCube

In winCube it is possible to drop documents to dynamic folders and implement custom logic via client scripting using the respective events. This functionality is missing from webCube. To make the user experience similar regardless of the client a ...
Nils Vincent 4 months ago in Functionality 0 Planned

Implement an "Undo" feature

To be able to undo unwanted entries / changes on metadata, an "Undo" function like in MS-Office would be extremely helpful.
Andre Cartschau 4 months ago in Functionality 1 Planned

Favorites should be stored within the CSB-Database

Our Users love saving objects as favorites to quickly access them again. But as WinCube favorites are stored locally, there are a number of reasons your favorites are not available: You get a new computer Your Windows Profile had to be "cleaned" (...
Lutz Hensel 4 months ago in Functionality 1 Already exists

New labels for deleting objects

The menu items "Delete" of information objects look very similar in the record window. This often leads to (logical) error situations. Is it possible to make the names of the menu items clearer? For example, in an open record, the "Delete" menu...
Thorsten Kinze 4 months ago in Usability 0