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Start an agent via tile

There are currently various operations for tiles, but there is no option to start an agent manually.
Jan Stöwesand 2 months ago in Functionality 2 Future consideration

Make Doxis-Viewers scrollable beyond dina4 for E-Mails

The Doxis Viewers (winCube & webCube HTML5) are always rendering E-Mails (tested with .msg) into A4-Format. As a result E-Mails that exceed A4 are not displayed correctly. Openend in the system viewer (Outlook) the window is resizable without ...
Benjamin Schaller 3 months ago in Functionality 0 Future consideration

Save user specific Dialogue Values

We have implemented a function where the values of checkboxes, edits etc. entered in a dialogue can be saved by the user, so the next time a dialogue is openend these values are still filled. This is used in search and archiving dialogues, kind of...
Benjamin Schaller 4 months ago in Functionality 0 Future consideration

Improve Usability of winCube Offline Functionality

Preparing and Using winCube offline is not intuitive and comes with a lot of manual preparation work. The following suggestions would improve the usability a lot: Prepare offline usage when favorites are updated, not as a separate action: Currentl...
Benjamin Schaller 4 months ago in Functionality 0 Future consideration

Better MultiValueEdit Control

From our point of view, the current MultiValueEdit-Control (webCube and winCube) can be improved significantly when used in search dialoges. When multiple numbers are entered, it works fine, but in case only a single value is required for a specif...
Jörn Lamb 4 months ago in Usability 1 Future consideration

Set default appearances for a MultivalueSelectionBox

Hello!The possibility to define the appearance of a MultivalueSelectionBox; e.g. the size and if it's centered when opened (in webCube) would be a nice feature.
Philipp Schlechter 7 months ago in Functionality 1 Future consideration

Improvment for administrating the Global Value Lists

Hi there, the global value lists are good and easy to use value list for configuration and so on. But after a while of using SER, they are getting bigger and biger and it is more difficult to manage them. What I really miss there is a search funct...
Guest 7 months ago in Functionality 1 Future consideration

Different result lists for winCube/webCube/iRoom (e.g. in e-files)

It´s not possible to define multiple result lists for the e-file display in order to have different views. For example, I would like to define a different result list for the webCube than for the winCube. In the cubeDesigner it´s only possible to ...
Jan Stöwesand 8 months ago in Functionality 0 Future consideration

Add templates für ad hoc Tasks ("Break down task"- Function)

Business processes often require recurring sequences of tasks. It is very inconvenient to have to create the same task sequences for every process. In addition, users can name the individual tasks differently on every process, which makes structur...
Robin Fleischer 8 months ago in Functionality 1 Future consideration

Equations or Mathematical operations on the descriptors

There are instances where we must perform mathematical calculations on a descriptor. for example: The first descriptor value = 10 The second descriptor value = 2 now I can make a lot of mathematical operations on the Third descriptor such a...
Abanoub Ibrahim 8 months ago in Functionality 0 Future consideration