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Created on Mar 15, 2023

Bi-directional MS Teams Synchronization

Current MS Teams interface only synchronizes documents (and announced soon metadata) from MS Teams to Doxis.

It is also necessary to synchronize documents from Doxis to MS-Teams in order to be able to use MS-Teams functionalities such as simultaneous collaboration and explorer integration for these documents as well.

Otherwise only new documents can be edited/worked on with MS-Teams. However, documents previously archived in Doxis not.

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  • Admin
    Ingo GERKEN
    Apr 24, 2023

    webCube V12.1 is prepared for editing Office documents with Microsoft Office for the Web. This includes co-authoring, so users can start collaboration on documents directly from webCube (which itself can be included in a Teams tab).
    It is currently not planned to synchronize content from Doxis into Teams.