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Created by Marius Wieser
Created on Aug 23, 2022

Authorizations with * possible or similar

To have admin authoriaztions there are only 2 possibilities:

  • Add the authorizations for every object manually to the customer specific admins role/group. This is a high manual effort.

  • Use the default 'admins'-role, but this is not 100% comprehensive. Some authorizations are not granted atomatically to the admins-role, but have to be added for every object manually.

It should be possible to define authorizations for all objects of a certain type. For example for role "Power User" I want to define that it should see all search dialogs and should be able to customize all result lists in the cube designer. I do not want to do this for every object after creation. This also allows to define customier specific admin roles with low maintenance effort.

This could be implemented by adding a generic entry to the "Rights" navigation tree. In "DMS - Document classes" for example, the first Entry should be "(ALL)" followed by all existing document classes. This will also apply to all document classes created afterwards.

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