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Status Future consideration
Categories Usability
Created by Ralf Everding
Created on Jun 22, 2022

DOXIS4 wincube startup improvement

Measuring the time it takes from the first mouse click to start DOXIS4 wincube to the moment the user is capable to work with the application is by far to long.

Coming from a Pentium dual core with traditional HDD in 2012 and running a I7 9th gen with a SSD today , the end user experience of starting up DOXIS4 wincube hasn't really changed. Of cause the application loads faster (thanks SSD) but in total it takes the same time as before to get a working environment. This is annoying for end users and a waste of their time.

Make DOXIS4 end users happy!

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  • Admin
    Douglas Cardoso
    Nov 30, 2022

    Hi Ralf,

    would you mind telling us which version of winCube + CSB are you using?