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Status Future consideration
Categories Usability
Created by Michael Bernhardt
Created on Jun 14, 2022

Improve FIPS-Error-Messages

The File Import Service is a very powerful tool for bulk-document-imports.

Unfortunately error-messages are often unclear and/or misleading.


  • Typo in observed directory path leeds to "file <somefile_included_in_importjob> could not me moved to <destinationpath>

  • missing field in key-file (8 required, 7 contained in file) leeds to misleeding message concerning some missing file, which is NOT contained in the relevant job

We would recommend a two phase error-handling:

1st step:

  • Is the observed directory existing and read-and-writable?

  • Does the job contain everything needed for processing?
    - Does the key-file fulfill the requirements of the job-setup?
    - Are all of the files to be archived available?

2nd step:

  • processing of the job

  • all files successfully processed and imported?

  • Attach files