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Categories Usability
Created by David Hoch
Created on Aug 17, 2023

In the Doxis Outlook plug-in, there should be a possibility to store E-file assignments server-sided

Currently, this assignment is stored in the registry. Server-side storage would have two major advantages:

-Users link a large number of Outlook folders to e-files in Doxis. In the event of a local problem, they could lose these links, and restoring the link correctly would be nearly impossible and extremely time-consuming. We create backups of certain registry entries, but a server-side solution would be better.

-There are mailboxes on which several users work. They should be able to access and edit the same assignment between Outlook and Doxis. Currently, shared mailboxes and Doxis e-files create a lot of chaos, as each user can create their own assignments, but cannot view others.

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  • Admin
    Douglas Cardoso
    Sep 6, 2023

    Hi David,

    this feature already exists in version 12.1. Nonetheless, it only works for Exchange Online. For Exchange on-premise, the server does not offer us the necessary functionality to implement the same.